Witch Pendulum Board

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Fortune telling on the pendulum is one of the oldest forms of communication with spirits or the subconscious. Pendulum boards together with the pendulum (not included) help to convey the answer to the question, to establish deeper feelings and communication with intuition.


  • The Death's-Head moth symbolism, according to legends, helps a person to be reborn internally. It clears our problems and prepares one to accept new things in life.
  • Ours is made out of baltic birch plywood
  • It measures just under 7 and a half inches across, and is a little over a quarter of an inch wide, and sits on 4 small hexagonal feet.
  • It one is cut, assembled, glued, painted, sanded, and then lacquered. 

Each one is different and unique, due to the handmade nature of the board; photos will not match exactly. We've tried to make them feel like an antique; the wood stain is sanded off in places and they are not perfectly flat.