Wall Monster Set of 5

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Vintage inspired Halloween Decorations!

WALL MONSTERS are limited edition paper art beasts, that hang on your wall, illustrated by Steam Crow and screen printed by hand.

This is a set of all 5 Wall Monsters!

  1. The Skeleton
  2. The Bat Witch
  3. The Zombie
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. ...and the bonus Frankenstein Monster

Instead of poorly designed decorations that are mass-produced - found at any big-box store - we wanted to create something special by hand, something new, out of high quality materials.

These are hand-printed on 100# brown French Paper Company cardstock, and are made to use year after year. Each one is individual and imperfect, artifacts of the hand-made nature.

This is a kit - you cut it out and assemble by hand - the only things needed are brass brads and washers (included) a craft knife (Not included), and 40 minutes or so.

The Skeleton measures 38 inches when assembled, and even faintly glows in the dark.

The uncut 17x22 cardstock ships flat in a large flatpack envelope.

Bonus Frankenstein Monster

If you get all four Wall Monsters (Bat Witch, Skeleton, Zombie, and Halloween Scarecrow) you'll get the parts for a free Frankenstein Monster. This Fifth Wall Monster has his body parts scattered on the other 4 sheets. Order 4, get 5!