Speaking Skull Spirit Board

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The Speaking Skull Spirit Board is made for Monster Rangers (Conjure Guard and Skull Rangers) to speak with monsters, spirits, and haunts of many sorts.

It features a nested planchette which can be removed to moved about the board, choosing letters, numbers, yes, no, and goodbye.

It comes with an exclusive "Goodbye" Spirit Badge, an Art Skull badges (as this is art).

We have several available; pick color swatch to select the color of the board. We only have one of each (except for purple) so if the swatch isn't there, it's sold out.


It measures 17.5 inches wide, 9.8 inches tall, and it's a quarter of an inch thick. It's laser etched and cut out of baltic birch plywood, hand assembled, stained, painted, and distressed. A coat of satin polyurethane has been applied to all surfaces, and it has a very small nail hole in the back, making it suitable for hanging.

Designed by Steam Crow, the Speaking Skull is found nowhere else.