Reaper Racer Graveyard Edition

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We've made 5 "Graveyard" edition Reaper Racer toys... designed and hand-made by Daniel and Dawna. Only 5 will be made in this "graveyard" colorway! 


  • Graveyard edition with "graveyard black" that fades up to a deep purple
  • Black wheels and with a blood red pull bead
  • About 7.5 inches tall, 7 inches long (plus string) and about 1.5 inches wide
  • They are cool art toys, with a patina of an old graveyard... crusty and antique-like.
  • As Art Toys, they are collectibles not intended for people under 18; this is not a toy for children.
  • Top heavy as heck! (They tip easily, so be careful) Skulls are not light!
  • Each one is unique with individual sanding patterns and distressing