Pocket Cat Familiar Coin

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Any witch worth their salt knows that a familiar assistant is one of the most important friends to bring along on various travels, adventures, and camps. The trouble is that such beasties are difficult to take everywhere that you might need them. defiant city guard, small-minded townies, and belligerent burgomeisters take fast notice of companion pets and can quickly devolve your spell component shopping trip into a town-square witch-burning festival. Yikes.

But we at Blappo have developed the solution for you, the modern witch: The Pocket Familiar!

Using largely forbidden and outlawed alchemical practices, noir sciences, and catnip-sorcery, we've managed to infuse this  pot metal token with the actual soul and knowledge of a trained black cat assistant.

 Ready for the most challenging trials, your pocket familiar knows over 91 incantations, 1500 spell ingredients, and over 76 potion recipes. 


These metal pins have an antique silver finish.

Designed by STEAM CROW.

It has quite the chonk in your pocket.


Photos by TimmyShoes Photography.