Player's Handbook the Movie

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This print is a parody of the classic 1st edition of AD&D. Really, it's more than that... it's a tribute to the old art and artistry of Dungeons and Dragons. I used to pine over each and every illustration, and I adored the work by Erol Otis, David Trampier, Stephen Fabien, and all of those early illustrators who defined the look and feel of D&D.

In those first edition books, this cover was my favorite because it showed an example of play... the kind of skullduggery and dungeon-delving that you could have with your 20-sider.

Here, I used my characters in an adventure of their own, where they've actually grabbed the gem eyeball! I attempted to recreate some of the richness of the original, which was illustrated by David Trampier (DAT).

If you don't recognize the art... well... you'll probably not nerdy or old enough.

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- Printed on matte card stock
- Sharp, vibrant colors
- Crisp and vibrant printing
- Ships nicely in a box
- 20x30 ships in a tube
- Designed and printed in the USA