Montalk Cypher Wheel - Witch Edition

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The Cypher Wheel is a tool used by Monster Rangers, to help translate the secret code called "Montalk". ("Monster-talk".)

Montalk messages can be found all over the place in Monster Rangers products, lore, messages.

We made an edition of 16 of these (two didn't turn out) in a weathered purple we call the "Witch Edition". We won't make more like this ever again, though it IS possible we may make more Cypher wheels. (Maybe; they're an awful lot of work.)

Each one is individual; you don't get to pick it out, though we'll make sure that you'll get a good one. They've been lacquered on the outside, and have been sealed with bees wax on the inside, to ensure operation. (And yes, it'll take a while for yours to loosen up; they get looser the more that you use them. Most will start out a little tight.)

Your purchase includes ONE Montalk Cypher wheel.