Monstro Camp 2018 Shirt

$25.00 - $30.00
Usually ships quickly (USPS Priority) unless we're away at an event.

Celebrate the Monstro Camp with it's very own t-shirt! The front features "Swampy" the Boggra from the dark lagoon, while the back showcases our 2018 tour locations!

Available to ANYONE who wants one; you do not have to attend an event to get one; show your support with this shirt!

- - -

The 100% cotton crew garment will be handprinted by Daniel & Dawna, on Dark Chocolate Brown Next Level ring spun cotton crew shirts. (Steam Crow standard garments, in case you already have one.)

The vintage distressing and green ink on the brown shirt evokes the great outdoors, and the vintage style of the Monster Rangers.