Monster Rangers Crow Skull Neckerchief Slide

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This is a brand-new Crow design for our Monster Rangers neckerchief slides. Hand-cast in resin by Daniel, this slide will help keep your neckerchief in place and make you look like the spooky Monster Ranger that you are.

It is a Momento Vitae - a reminder to make the most of your life as a Ranger. It is suitable for anyone in our Order, in any branch.

You can make it your own by hand painting and customizing yours! It is easy to modify, prime, and paint.

Eye sockets may be fitted with small glass beads, not included. You can treat yours like a Daruma; when you make a goal, glue one glass eye into place. When you achieve your goal, add the last one.

It measures 1.25 inches wide and about 3.25 tall, and is ready to wear. The ring in the back has been adjusted to be tighter than the previous model. No more having it slide down on accident.

The "no ring" option is just the crow skull face, which can be set with a pin back, or adhered to whatever you'd like. (We'd recommend 2 part epoxy.)