Monster Money Coin Obscuros

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Obscuros are the traditional coins of the realm of Obscuria. It is in effect "monster money"; used as currency in goblin bars, creature circuses, and haunt towns.

They started off as the brass coins of the CROW QUEEN, the overlord of the monster world. When her kingdom fell eons ago, her money stayed in circulation, and is still what most folks use in the veiled world.

Obscuros are the ONLY coin ever welcome at Barter Circles, along with CrowBucks (if/when they manage to surface).

A Recent Discovery

We've recently uncovered a rare cache of Obscuros, which we're offering to you here now. We can't say where we found them, but we can say that it was a Charochaun stash, and that a hand was lost by one in our party in the acquisition of said treasure.

They are fresh and in very good condition. They have a surprising golden finish, though they can be easily patinated by applying vinegar and salt to them.

- - -

16 gauge 70/30 brass alloy, they are slightly larger than a US quarter dollar. (Made in the USA, if you HAVE to know.)

- - -

Note: Quarter is shown for scale only, and is not included.

They are sold in sets of one, five, and ten.