Lucky Daruma 8x10

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If you don't recognize this, it's a Daruma. They are a traditional hollow, round doll, representing perserverance and good luck.

When you'd set a goal, you'd fill in one of the pupils; once you made your goal, you'd fill in the other.

We illustrated this mini-print so that you could do the same thing. Set you goal, fill in a pupil, achieve your goal, and fill in that other eye!

- - -


- This 8x10 lithograph is printed on card-stock in rich, vibrant colors, and has a really pleasing satin matte finish.
- Illustrated by Daniel m. Davis (of Steam Crow) we think that it would look mighty good in your kitchen, or wherever else super cute food lives.
- This is an open-edition print (so we can keep the prices low.)
- 8x10 frames are every to get, and they're cheap. You can afford to frame this art!
- Illustrated and printed in the USA