Kline Redback Album I'm a Monster Too

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We recently discovered the obscure musical artist Kline Redback, from a variety of sources including old radio tapes, rotten album covers, newspaper clippings, and an old drunk troll.

Turns out, he was a folk musician from the 50's and 60's, down on his luck, who made a monster friend when he needed him the most. He reignited his musical career and was signed to BLAPPO® Records in 1965 for "I'm a Monster Too". Songs are about the Monster Scouts, monster friendship, and Monstru (the monster world.)

We've "obtained" the master tapes from the BLAPPO archives after legal action proved ineffective, and are releasing them here now in the form of a compact disc. It is fully failthful to the original, in stereo, though this time the disc will not be released on black liquorice like it was the first time.


  • Artist: Kline Redback
  • Title: "I'm a Monster Too"
  • Release date: 1965
  • 7 songs
  • 30 minutes long
  • Not on liquorice "vinyl"
  • Redback disappeared in a tragic auto accident in 1968


Song List

  • Clocktalker
  • Plugugly Thugs
  • My Name Is Scout
  • Jasper
  • I'm a Monster Too
  • Fishing With My Monster Friend
  • Take Me to Monstru


What Others Are Saying

Liquorice Magazine: "This Kline Redback is a crazy cat! I dunno what the songs are all about, but man... tastes great! I'm A MONSTER TOO!" 9/12 Stars! 

Beats Circus Magazine: "Redback's folk album has a lot of heart. I found the songs to be fun, good hearted, and confusing. Does Kline Redback believe in monsters? I know I do now!"

Pork Reader News: "I'm not sure why they sent me this record, but my dog kept barking at the album, so I put it on the player... I don't really listen to this kind of music, but I found that after the third or fourth play, I was getting hooked. But then, the liqourice album warped and my dog ate it. Please send me another one. Thank you."