Gutter Goblin Pulgh 11

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Gutter Goblin Pulgh 11

This hand-made Gutter Goblin painting is unique, hand-painted with Golden Acrylics by Daniel m. Davis of Steam Crow and the Monster Rangers. He wanted YOU to be able to take a bit of OBSCURIA home with you, by adopting one of these little grubby troublemakers.

Each one has an integrated laser-cut frame, with hand sanded distressing and paint effects. There is a small hole in the back, making it ready for hanging. It took weeks to paint each one, assemble, and then lacquer them. 

The edition of 32 different Gutter Goblins was made during April and May of 2019; however, this one is unique.

- - -

The Story

Baron Davis was on a walk one afternoon down a dirt road, when he shifted to being almost entirely in OBSCURIA. Untroubled, he always enjoyed these days, as he loved the weirdness of the place. There was a storm overhead, with pink lightning and a rain that he was sure smelled like garbage.

Suddenly, he was ambushed by a bunch of filthy goblins, who leapt from the sides of the road, attacking him with their yellowed teeth. (TEEF) Many had red caps and raggedy clothes, and they all were covered in dirt and mud. They attacked with abandon, and I wouldn't be lying if Baron didn't hit a few with his gnarled staff, in defense.

Battered back into the trench next to the road, Baron pulled out a BLAPPO Brand Candy Bar ("the BLAPPO BAR") and threw it directly into the mouth of the nearest Gobbo. He chewed the creamy nougat and milk-chocolate convection, and laughed in delight, forgetting about the beard that was also in his mouth. 

Baron threw the next bar into the air, and all of the Goblins leapt for it, ending up in a heap of battle over the above-average quality treat. Baron ran as fast as he could, shifting back to the Steam Crow HQ Camp, but not before he was followed by a horde of these "Gutter Goblins". 

After giving them a few cases of BLAPPO BARS, the Goblins were sedated, and were tamed after a number of candy-based meals and civility classes. They soon were put to daily chores around the farm, and were integrated into Monster Rangers life.