Good Fortune Cat 8x10

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This art is inspired by the Japanese Maneki Neko "Lucky Cat", "Beckoning Cat", "Welcoming Cat", or the "Fortune Cat."

Basically, it's a character that is placed in the entrances to pachinko parlors, shop entrances, and business doorways. I'm sure you've seen one SOMEWHERE.

We did our our characature of the Fortune Cat, and tried to capture his/her essense and make it fat and really cute... and Fortunate!

- - -


- This 8x10 lithograph is printed on card-stock in rich, vibrant colors, and has a really pleasing satin matte finish.
- Illustrated by Daniel m. Davis (of Steam Crow) we think that it would look mighty good in your kitchen, or wherever else super cute food lives.
- This is an open-edition print (so we can keep the prices low.)
- 8x10 frames are every to get, and they're cheap. You can afford to frame this art!
- Illustrated and printed in the USA