Gloomin Deck of Cards

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The Deck of the GLOOMIN is a card set, that is somewhat like a Tarot deck... except that it's different.

  1. It's pocket sized. 2.5x3.5 inches. (Like a normal deck of cards)
  2. It has 16 cards. (15 cards and 1 instruction card.)
  3. The GLOOMIN uses the deck to help you choose your Monster Rangers Branch.
  4. You can take turns playing the GLOOMIN.
  5. Psychic Rangers can use the GLOOMIN Deck to read fortunes. So can Conjure Guard (or anyone else.)
  6. Monster Rangers are encouraged to make their own games with the cards.
  7. Can be used to enhance your Monster Rangers uniform.
  8. Each card has a different distressed texture, making them look antique.

Read a GLOOMIN TALE here!

The cards are 14 pt. Gloss Coated Cover stock with High Gloss UV PRODUCTION, and each facing has a different texture to match the Branch. They are die-cut with round corners.

A limited edition of 250 copies have been produced.