Doomwood Derby Kit Car

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The Doomwood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars, featuring weird characters. It was started by the Skull Rangers back in the early 1900's, when the lonely Rangers would have races of ghost-pulled toys (Reaper Racers). Eventually, the tradition spread from graveyard to graveyard, and then to Barrows... where they it was adopted as a Monster Rangers tradition. (With 4 wheels.)

We've recently uncovered some of the first Doomwood Derby cars (in star photo by Tim Schuessler), and we've designed kits around those first designs.

Deluxe Add-Ons: Deluxe Fenders, Horned Helmet, and Car Stand!


  • 4 steel axels
  • 4 nylon washers
  • 1 left panel
  • 1 right panel
  • 1 center core
  • 4 wood wheels
  • 1 "Head" driver character (INCLUDED, but not IN the car package.)


  • This is a kit. You will have to trim, sand, paint and assemble your racer.
  • Some burning of edges - and imperfections in the wood - is normal. Work them into your design.
  • Doomy - the skull racer - is the core character. There will be others offered in the future. (But we're launching with just Doomy.)
  • Please customize your car! Add paint details. Add other details. Glue stuff on. Carve your own head. Just follow the rules.
  • We will bring Doomwood Derby races to every camp (and other events like Weenhallow) in 2020.
  • It takes a couple of hours to paint and assemble one. (Probably not ideal for Camp; build yours ahead of time!)


If you do not follow the rules, your Derby Car will probably be disqualified for regular races.