Dishwasher Daemon

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No Barrow Warden or Vox wants to see piles of dirty plates in the Mess Hall. Any good KP (kitchen patrol) is on this detritus like the plague. It's just not hygienic!

Not only that, but piles of dirty dishes open portals to the pestilence plane, allowing plague spirits to run rampant throughout the entire camp, wily nilly. This sort of tomfoolery must be arrested.
Central Command has invented a powerful new totem for you place it on your dishwashing apparatus, in order to fight back laziness and the dark and dirty spirits which inhabit filthy dish ware.


  • Magnet back
  • Laser cut
  • Limited Edition of 42, for the Order of Obscuria
  • 6 are available here (Extras)
  • Comes with a signed and number certificate of authenticity 

We have reproduced the charming dishwasher daemon from the monster rangers archive. Imbued with a maginetic charge, place it upon the front of your desired device (the refrigerator isn't bad either), and then turn the dial to it's current state: EMPTY, DIRTY, CLEAN, etc. (Gently lift the dial from below, and rotate. it will "lock" into the next stage ever so slightly.)

From here, everyone in your camp will know if it's okay to pull dishes from the device, or if it's time to fill it up again. you may* even find that your dishes come out a little cleaner than before.

After a time, you may feel compelled to make "offerings" of teeth, gold, bile, tears, or other less wholesome elements in "worship" of the daemon. please reject all such notions, as the price has already been paid in full, by high Conjure guard members at HQ.