Crowkeshi Ice Cream Edition

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Over the last several months, we've been collecting stories and evidence of the Crowkeshi, and have managed to find 2 intact models from 1917, as well as 2 cases of the original parts that were bought in an auction in Dark Idaho. (The Secret Idaho that nobody talks about.) We managed to put some together for you, so that you too can own another piece of Monster Rangers Monstericana.

The Kokeshi is a simple wooden doll with no arms or legs that have been crafted in Japan for more than 150 years as toys for children.

Baron Davis was given a Kokeshi on his 1909 social exchange with the Japanese people, and he delighted in it so much, he decided to make his own when he got back to the black acre farm. his were called "Crowkeshi" since they looked like the crows that would sit upon the peak of the lodge. within a few years they were sold in the Monster Rangers gift store vending machine, and were produced in many different configurations and color ways. Today, they are very collectable. 


  • Limited Edition of 10 "ice cream" Crowkeshi
  • Comes with a signed and numbered limited edition certificate
  • White to blue fade
  • Gloss lacquer
  • They were found inside of an abandoned ice cream truck back in 1956
  • Adult art toy; these are not intended for children under 18, due to small wooden parts