BRA Fight Party Shirt

$25.00 - $30.00
Ships quickly as long as we're not out of town at a show.

BRA, the "Blue Ribbon Army", is a social club centered around the Phoenix Comicon Community. We've been members of it for a few of years, once we figured out what this BRA thing was all about. (It's about a friendly AZ community.)

Matt and Jen Hinds, the founders of BRA, asked us to design our third t-shirt for the club, so we jumped at the chance. This time, we came up with an ARMY shirt where you can FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY!

- - -

This limited editon shirt is handprinted by Daniel & Dawna, in their Peoria, Arizona studio. It's printed on Next Level ring spun cotton, making the print soft and not sticky-thick. Each one is individual, and pre-distressed so that the art looks old and worn.