Steam Crow Decade II

Posted by Daniel on Jan 5th 2016

Steam Crow Decade II


Steam Crow is celebrating a decade of being around as a real-life business entity. I don't really dig blowing our own horn or anything, but what the heck. We're here, and we're still at it.

It really started in 2005, but that was only the second half of the year, and it feels like cheating to say that we were "in biz" when we were really just PREPARING to be in biz.

Apparently, I say "biz" a lot.

So, it's time to shake stuff up. This new website (and store) is part of that program. We're also doing a lot more Steam Crow shirts, since folks have been really excited about them of late. More Monster Scouts stuff. More everything.

But also, hopefully, less stuff too. We've been mired in a lot of processes and junk, that we're hoping to automate. Too many products. It's time to cut off the pipe of stagnant stuffs.

Please be patient. This site is new, the store is bound to have errors and lapses in good judgment. It's just Dawna and I in the Pilot's Seats, so there's easily 10 times more to do than we can possibly hope to deliver. But we try.

Which is the point of Steam Crow, altogether. We're trying to do things that are not easy. Things that there's not a roadmap for. Things that we never imagined that we could do.

So, here we drive into the beginning of Decade #2. Let's keep it going.