Posted by Daniel on Jan 8th 2016

Special Powers

One of my "Special Powers" is that I sometimes believe that I can do anything.* (Probably a big part of me being bi-polar.)

It's allowed me to start Steam Crow with my wife Dawna, and actually think that we could possibly succeed, in this world of so much talent.

It's let me have the mindset of jumping in and tackling stuff, even though I didn't have a clue of how to really do it.

It's allowed us to accomplish WAY more than I'd have possibly thought, previous to this irrational exuberance

The downside to this is that I sometimes get myself into trouble. No, not legal or ethical trouble, nothing like that. But, I do things like totally botch the CSS on a site, or screw up our email settings, or make the domain settings on the site point to Alaska instead of

I can, and do, regularly make a mess of this stuff. I don't mean to, but sometimes because I'm right here, I'm the right man for the job.

Or at least, I THINK I am.

So, with some help from my friends (Brent, Bill, Kale) I think that we have our Monster Scouts website back up again, along with our store.

- - -

Lesson: I need to become successful enough to have a killer IT Gal/Guy to help with this stuff.

-  - -

- Daniel

*That is when I'm not thinking that I'm a failure and can do nothing.