Soda Jack Poison Bottle Display

Posted by Daniel on Mar 9th 2016

We found this "Soda Jack" Vendomat in the back of an old antique store, in the ghost-town of Monstervania. It even came with a stock of some Monstru sodas like Nikola Cola and Mustard Gas Solvent.

It took a lot of work, but we got it all cleaned up and "functioning" once again. (As much as can be expected.)

With as much as this Mechan has seen, you'd expect a little wear and tear. The "Service Meter" in his head states that he traveled 178k miles (on foot) over the course of 91 years.

Most of his personality spools are burnt out, likely from the lightening strike that must have hit his head at some point.

Still, you can see the charm of the Soda Jack line. According to our research (old pamphlets) the Blappo Corporation claims to have made 1200 of these a year, for 9 years before they were discontinued.

The Soda Jack has a refill channel in the back. It's liable to break bottles, but later models were made out of molded tin. (Rust)

His flashlight eyes were likely stolen by Furnace Goblin scavengers at some point. The nodes on either side of the head are radio antenna, so that the Jack can send and receive inventory and sales information. Range: around 90 miles.

He'll sit on the table at our events, but please don't touch his head; He's an antique.

We did manage to get the Soda Jack's jaw to work a little.