Posted by Daniel on Jan 31st 2017


SHINDIG Prime (AZ) is in the books, and it was a crazy time.

Or should I say, "WINDIG"?

Let's talk about the wind, first.

We had a pretty windy weekend, right from the beginning. Upon arrival at 11 am for setup, we got notice that there was a "temporary fire ban" in effect, which we were hoping would be lifted by evening. It was not. 

Instead, the winds got colder as we set up the Marrow Totem, decorated the 2 Ramadas, and generally got everything setup. Once we had the first potluck we started losing folks to the darkness and the chill, and by 8:00 pm most of us were huddled up in our tents, avoiding the battering wind. (Sans fire.) This is not the Friday night that we had hoped for.

Saturday was a good day... still breezy, and in the afternoon the ban got lifted... which lifted everyone's spirits. But early Sunday morning, the wind storm got serious. Around 3:30 am, a group of us got up to secure our tents better and pick up the wind-strewn chips, butter, plates, garbage, forks, napkins, decorations that were blown the all over the place. 

Sunday was no better; we got nailed with a massive gust that sheared 2 legs off of our brand new pop-up tent, which decimated the store, our badge supply and well... our sales. (Which keeps the Crow flying.)

Okay, so it was windy.

The Wind Did Not Stop. Us.

Folks were smiling. Things were being crafted, traded, eaten, and quaffed. Many of us got a chance to learn new skills. There was a packed Art Show. The Kline Redback Concert was intimate and great. (Kline had been sick for a week, but he didn't show it.) There were secret ceremonies, summonings, a visit from distant Ambassadors. We gazed up at Monstru-Constellations, drank tea, hiked up a mountain, and stitched mystical glyphs.

My head is still spinning thinking of all the stuff that went on... the wind didn't destroy our spirit.

Me and Dawna, our hands were pretty full trying to keep this thing rolling, but we got to do a LOT of stuff - and spend a lot of time with many of you Monster Scouts. I wanted to do more, but this year I got to personally host an event or two myself, which is good for Mr. Introvert Daniel. 

It was an emotional time for me, too. My mom lost her battle with Cancer 16 days before Shindig, so it was really good and important for me to commune with all of my Scout friends. Friday was my birthday, and well, I can't think of a better gang of folks to celebrate with. So, thank you.

Thank You

As usual, there are few good words to express our thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen. Jenn, Armida, Tim, Andrew, Mikey, Brad, Lelund, Steven & Stephen, Micheal, Bobby, Julia, and a whole host of un-named volunteers who contributed to this thing... we certainly couldn't do it without you. THANK YOU.


The next SHINDIGs start in August, in Colorado, North Idaho, Washington, and California. I hope that some of you will be able to join us.