Krampus Collection 5 Kickstarter

Posted by - Daniel & Dawna Davis on Oct 15th 2020

Krampus Collection 5 Kickstarter

Once again, we turn our eyes towards the Christmas monster, the Krampus for our annual Krampus Collection Kickstarter.

Basically, it's our celebration of the KRAMPUS! 

It includes a vintage distressed shirt in Christmas red:

A woven Spirit Badge

A Sheet Magnet

A Krampus Holiday Card and Envelope

A Soft Enamel Pin


In order to make a big ruckus, we even painted these 4 original Krampus acrylic paintings, as add-ons.





The campaign runs from October 16th to November 2nd, so act quickly; there are only going to be 200 pledges accepted.

Thank you for your support! It's been a rough year, but a successful campaign would take some of the edge off of 2020.