Denver Comic Con 2017

Posted by Daniel on Jun 25th 2017

Denver Comic Con 2017

We return for our 5th DCC in a row (we've been to all of them so far), which is always a good time.

We asked to be moved to the mid-top of the hall to BOOTH 228; while the old spot was good at first, we ran into some challenges being in the entrance... so now were are here:

We're bringing our full allotment of Spirit Badges, Patches, Backpacks, t-shirts, and whatever else we can shove into our Vanotaur.

Saturday is UNIFORM DAY, if you happen to want to show off your COLORS and maybe even earn a DAPPER BADGE (for your formal uniform.

We're also here promoting our COLORADO SHINDIG, coming August 4-7 2017. Camps still available.

It should be a very good time and we hope to see you there!